Natsuki Niwa


About “Beyond Tinnitus”

In this work, two instruments with remarkable contrast, namely percussion instruments and a harp, will make progress in search of similarities in sonorous nuances, with temporal mismatch. An expectation would be that the friction between coexisting differences will produce a unique sense of equilibrium in this piece.

Through such a compositional process the sound groans, and it’d be my pleasure if you hear that the groaning starts to breathe.

Natsuki Niwa


Natsuki Niwa (*1991) is a composer and researcher in the doctoral program at Aichi University of the Arts in Japan. Her compositions take inspiration from her close engagement with traditional Japanese folk song. Kiyari-uta for instance is a special work song, traditionally sung by lumberjack. In recent times, it found its way into contemporary society in the form of male choruses at weddings or new home-celebrations. Natsuki Niwa researches its history and special treatment of heterophony. These ideas and concepts permeate into her own works that have won her the 1st Prize in the 34th Japan Society for Contemporary Music Composition Award or the prestigious Kuwabara Prize of the Aichi University of the Arts, where she continues to act as a lecturer.

Photos: Isao Kanemaki

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