Peter Rubel


About „Ohne Titel“ [„Without Title“]

In my compositions I lately enjoyed working with just intonation and overtone relationships. What I like about it is the tonal quality of intervals that are in a rational proportion to each other, as well as the conceptual logic in working with a tuning system that arises from the actual physical and acoustical reality of the instruments themselves. For the harp I thus developed a tuning system which relates to the overtone series over the fundamental „C“. Because in the world of percussion you often are concerned with non-tunable instruments, Rie and I went to look for those in her collection that – by chance or default – also fit into the overtone series of „C“. In this way, harp and percussion have a shared harmonic centre that relates the two instruments despite their basic tonal and practical differences. The rest is music.

Peter Rubel


Peter Rubel (*1992) studied instrumental and electronic composition at Folkwang University of the Arts with Günter Steinke, Dirk Reith and Michael Edwards, as well as organ with Roland Stangier. During this time, first compositions for various ensembles, pieces for dance and theatre productions or tape musics originated. His musical interest focuses on long duration, overtones, amplification, polyrhythmics, and the extension of instruments through electronics. In addition to his occupation as a composer, Peter Rubel is a performer in several ensembles and bands such as Müde, GLIS GLIS, International Music, Laava, The Düsseldorf Düsterboys. He has been an active member of the GNMR – Gesellschaft Neue Musik Ruhr and organizes events with Stromspiesser. He lives and works in Essen.

Photos: Isao Kanemaki

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